"People start healing the moment they feel heard..."



Leisha Borja, LMFT

MA, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I completed graduate school at Pepperdine University in 2011 and have been practicing as a psychotherapist since 2010. I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 2014.


Prior to my work as a Marriage & Family Therapist, I provided positive parenting and behavioral therapy to children with special needs. Post-graduate, I completed an externship in Functional Family Therapy and am experienced in assisting families to decrease incidences in acting out adolescents.

I come from a second-generation, Southeast Asian culture and have a deep understanding of the struggles of adolescents and their families adjusting to western cultural values. I am a survivor of trauma, which has given me great insight of my clients experiencing PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

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